08 Oct

Digital Real Estate Marketing Services Are More Important Than Ever

Initially, marketing for the real estate industry took place on traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers, real estate magazines, televisions, radios, billboards and much more. However, the situation has changed gradually in the recent years and studies show that digital real estate marketing services are gradually taking over. This honestly does not only hold true for this industry but almost every industry. Although some stakeholders in the real estate market are still using traditional marketing platforms to market and search for properties, a bigger percentage is now using digital real estate marketing services. It is also worth noting that the majority of the property buyers and renters are using digital platforms to look for listed properties. Internet marketing has made its way from an added bonus to the primary position when talking about a real estate company’s marketing budget. The following are the key trends to show how the real estate industry is shifting to online marketing rather than traditional marketing.

  1. Modern home buyers and renters are searching online for listed properties

The days are gone when home buyers and renters used to drive around the estate looking for a property to buy or rent. It is also a decreasing percentage of home buyers and renters relying on newspapers to search for the perfect home. Real estate adverts in televisions and radios have decreased too. On the contrary, modern home buyers and renters are searching online for listed properties using their computers and smartphones (http://news.buzzbuzzhome.com/2009/12/90-of-home-buyers-use-internet-and.html). Modern home buyers and renters want to know every detail about the listed property before they can arrange to go and see it. Real estate investors have realized this trend and have shifted to online marketing to reach potential customers.

  1. Potential home buyers and renters want to see pictures of the listed property online

The introduction of the internet has come with the visual culture. It is now a common phenomenon for people to ask you to send pictures of something interesting through the internet so they can see them from their side and even share with their close friends. This trend has also become common in the real estate market. Potential home buyers and renters want property owners to upload pictures of their properties online so that they can see them and decide whether they should go see them in person or not. It is also worth noting that many home buyers and renters are spending more time online doing research and comparing different listed properties. Real estate investors have realized this demand and are now investing heavily in online real estate marketing services.

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  1. A big percentage of home buyers use mobile phones to search for a home to buy

Modern marketers are aware that it’s essential that businesses optimize their mobile website presence! More and more people turn to the internet to find what they are looking for. Today cell phones are super computers and most people can use them for just about anything. Similarly, home buyers have taken the same trend and most of them are now using their phones to search for listed properties. If they find an interesting site, they are likely to visit it using a computer in order to get more details about the listed properties. This trend has made real estate marketers shift to digital marketing and to make sure their sites are easily accessible from mobile phones.

  1. Realtors are now using online platforms to reach possible home buyers

Realtors from all parts of the world have realized that digital real estate marketing services are more successful than  traditional marketing services. Subsequently, the majority of the modern realtors have established websites where market and list properties to get the attention of potential home buyers. Those without websites are listing their properties on free online platforms, especially the popular marketing platforms that are frequently visited by home buyers.

  1. Real estate stakeholders are now taking social media marketing more seriously

Initially, many real estate stakeholders did not take social media marketing very seriously. However, the trend has changed and property investors now believe that social media marketing can really make a big difference in the real estate market. Subsequently, the number of real estate investors willing to market their properties on social media platforms has increased rapidly. Realtors and property owners are consistently posting pictures and details of their properties on popular social media platforms hoping to capture the attention of potential homebuyers.

  1. Real estate transactions are now made online

Some realtors and property managers use of online marketing and real estate transactions have now shifted to the web. Today, it is possible to fill and submit tenancy agreement online or book a rental property online from the comfort of your home. Some property management companies have advanced websites where tenants can pay their monthly rent. There is no doubt that traditional real estate marketing methods are gradually becoming more frequently used.

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